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Descended from a distinguished lineage of artists, Despina's roots intertwine with the poetic cadence of ballet and the melodic notes of opera. Her mother, Vicky Simegiatos, a principal dancer with the Greek National Ballet, and her father, a tenor gracing the Greek National Opera, paint the canvas of her artistic heritage. Meanwhile, her grandmother and aunt stand as the visionary founders of the Hellenic Ballet Theatre, a heritage that infused Despina's artistic journey from its inception.

Commencing her balletic journey at the tender age of two, Despina’s training at the Vicky Simegiatos Performing Arts Center blossomed into a multifaceted education at Broadway Dance Center and Steps NYC. The culmination of her formative years led her to graduate from LaGuardia High School of the Performing Arts under the guidance of Michelle Mathesius. This pivotal period laid the groundwork for Despina's artistic prowess, a foundation she expanded upon through collaborations with eminent masters in the field, including Joe Lanteri, Deborah Zall, Elisa King, Penny Frank, Jacquelyn Buglisi, Brunilda Ruiz and David Howard. Noteworthy performances include works by Shapiro & Smith and Elisa King, underscoring her versatility and artistry.


In 1992, Despina's professional journey took flight as a member of the corps de ballet with Vicky Simegiatos Dance Company, swiftly ascending to the prestigious role of principal dancer in 1994. Since then, she has graced the faculty as the director and resident choreographer for contemporary, jazz, and modern divisions at the Vicky Simegiatos Performing Arts Center. Her visionary spirit culminated in the establishment of the VSPAC Competition Division in 1997, an endeavor she continues to lead as the main director of all the VSPAC Dance Competition Companies.


Beyond the studio, Despina's impact reverberates as a highly sought-after teacher and choreographer in New York's vibrant dance community. Renowned for her sagacious eye, conceptual vision, and passion for artistic excellence, she has steered countless students towards professional careers on esteemed stages worldwide. Her students have achieved professional success in prestigious institutions and performances, including Disney, Broadway, School of American Ballet, New York City Ballet, American Ballet Theatre Jackie Onassis School, NYU Tisch School of the Arts, Limón Dance Company, Joffrey Ballet, Miami City Ballet, Radio City Christmas Show, NYU Tisch School of the Arts, Boston Conservatory, Marymount Manhattan College, Dance Theatre of Harlem, Ailey II, and numerous others.


In 2009, Despina, in collaboration with her sister Matina, founded the DeMa Dance Company, a sanctuary for contemporary expression featuring choreographers like Sonya Tayeh and Tyce DiOrio. The company's roster includes notable members, such as Billy Bell from Fox's "So You Think You Can Dance," embodying Despina's commitment to fostering innovative artistic voices.


Her artistic journey extends beyond choreography, as Despina graces the covers of Body Wrappers Dancewear catalogues and a Nike print advertisement. Serving as a muse for dancewear aesthetics, she not only performs but also guides her students in weaving their stories into the visual narratives of dancewear catalogues.


In every facet of her career, Despina stands as a beacon of artistry, seamlessly blending her heritage, education, and boundless creativity into a legacy that continues to inspire the dance world.

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