All students are placed according to their age: mommy & me, preschool, mini, petite, junior, teen, senior.  Class placement will be carefully reviewed and evaluated by the teacher and director.  Previous dance experience may or may not be considered in a placement evaluation.  Poor attendance will have a direct result in placement advancement  Regular attendance is essential to maintain and/or advance in your designated level.

Proper dance and music training requires discipline.  It is this kind of discipline that makes studying the arts such a positive and valuable activity.  Students are required to attend their classes on time and wearing proper attire.  SEE DRESS CODE for more details.  A proper warm up is required for most classes and students who arrive late to class may be asked to sit and observe the rest of the class instead of participating.  Please call the studio if you're running late or missing a class.  There is absolutely no chewing gum and eating in any of the classrooms.  Gum is not allowed anywhere in the studio.,  Disruptive behavior, use of profanity, or bullying and ridiculing other students will not be tolerated and will result in immediate expulsion from class.

All our dance rooms are absolutely cell-phone free!  All phones must be turned off or in silent mode through the entirety of classes.  Please keep your devises in your bags outside or in the classroom.  In some classes, teachers will provide baskets for storing cell phone during classes.  If a parent needs to contact a student while he or she is in class, please call the office at 718-680-0944 and ask our receptionists for help.  Barring cell phone use during class will remove the temptation and distraction, and will help students stay more present and engaged in their learning to support their success.  We want all of our students to be the best dancers and artists they can be!

A mandatory Dress Rehearsal will take place at the location of the performance - your participation in the dress rehearsal is crucial to the success of the performance and your child's comfort on stage.  The specific date and time will be provided to you in advance.  Each family will receive a limited amount of complimentary tickets to the Recital.

Curriculum Fee is a NON-REFUNDABLE charge applied at the course level for consumable expenses directly related to the student’s participation in our Performing Arts Center.  Curriculum Fee includes: (1) instructional materials, used as part of the course for the teachers; (2) fees assessed to pay for administrative services as well as services external to our performing arts center. (3) Recital costs such as rental of the theatre, lighting, sound, security.  These fees include materials related to the mechanics of teaching the course, such as course outlines, syllabi, training classes for our teachers, and purchase, maintenance, and replacement costs of instructional and other studio equipment.

VSPAC Team students participating in competitions recognize the seriousness of their commitment and will do their absolute best to attend any and all rehearsals and classes.  Competitions require travel and students accept the responsibility to attend these competitions by arranging their own transportation to and from.  VSPAC pledges to select appropriate competitions that do not require excessive travel

Tuition is due on the 1st of each month.  $10 Late Fee will be applied to payments received after the 10th of the month.  There will be a $35 charge for returned checks.  Monthly Tuition is to be paid in full regardless of attendance and studio closings. 

Students participating in any activities at VSPAC agree and understand that there are certain inherent risks associated with dance, gymnastics, acro, etc.  Students will assume a full responsibility for any personal injuries and further release and discharge VSPAC for any kind of injury, loss, or damage arising out of the use of our facilities.

The Vicky Simegiatos Performing Arts Center is proud to offer en environment providing a strong foundation which develops students physically, intellectually, culturally, emotionally, and socially through the discipline of dance and music.  Regardless of whether a student wishes to pursue a career in dance or music, or participate for personal development and enjoyment, we are committed to offering the highest standards in education and training.  By joining our Center, all students and their families must agree to the following guidelines:

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