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Lorraine Coffey brings over 45 years experience as a dance instructor in conjunction with 36 years as a studio owner and Director of Dancing Angels and Front Line Dance Center.

Lorraine instructs children of all ages as well as adults. She is well educated in all types of dance disciplines. At the very young age of two she began her studies at Taffy and Terry's Dance Studio. She then studied and taught classes at Starmaker in Brooklyn, NY.  She quickly progressed to learn under the tutelage of renowned dancer/choreographer Henry Letang as well as Phil Black and Frank Hatchett at Broadway Dance Center.

She was a primary Tap dancer in the televised Centennial Celebration of the Statue of Liberty on July 3rd and 4th,1986. She also participated in numerous Macy's Tap-O-Mania events.


In her own studios, she was an award winning Director/Choreographer of the Petite, Junior and Senior Dance companies. Her dance teams won many Gold and Platinum awards and trophies. 

Lorraine’s years of working with children has translated to her career as a valued paraprofessional in the NYC Department of Education's District 20 Pre-K Centers. She has compassion, patience and can motivate children to do their best.  Her energy and expertise is a welcomed addition to our team!

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