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Vicky Simegiatos  is the Owner, Founder and Director of The Vicky Simegiatos Performing Arts Center. She had extensive ballet training in Greece and was a member of The Ballet Company of the National Opera of Greece.  In 1970, Vicky was invited to the United States on full scholarship with the American Ballet Theatre.  In 1972 she opened her first dance studio on 3rd Avenue, soon to be followed by two additional locations: on 5th Avenue and New Utrecht Avenue.  Today, over 600 students attend her schools and many of them pursue successful careers in the field of dance.   In 1982, Vicky became the founder of the Vicky Simegiatos Dance Company Inc., A non for profit organization. Through this company, she fulfilled her dream of offering full length ballet productions to the Brooklyn community.  She also developed a scholarship program sponsored by the VSDC for young talented students with a career in mind.   Vicky has dedicated most of her life instilling the love of dance into the hearts of her students.  She is particularly very proud of the fact that the majority of her faculty consists of prior students of her own, including her two daughters: Matina (Ballet Mistress of VSPAC) and Despina (Director of Competition Teams).

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