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Following Mayor De Blasio's decision to close all public schools, VSPAC has temporarily switched all dance and music classes to our VIRTUAL VSPAC.  We will to continue providing our students with online classes until further notice. This includes all private classes and rehearsals. If you have not received an email with instructions for the VIRTUAL VSPAC LIVE CLASSES, please CONTACT US immediately (include your child's name in the message)


With all the unprecedented and overwhelming events around us, we are very excited to offer some good news to our dancing families!  We will continue providing our students with dance and music training via live, virtual classes conducted by our teachers online.

We are utilizing a software called ZOOM, which not only enables us to stream live dance instruction, but also fully interact with our students.  When preparing for this new experience, please designate a space in your home where you will feel comfortable moving around freely. Make sure to stay clear of any delicate or sharp-edged furniture and pets! You don’t want your grande battement to turn into a grande disaster! And yes, you will be seen by your classmates and friends, so please wear your regular, VSPAC approved uniform when joining our Virtual Classrooms.

Here is a break down of some of the most frequently asked questions during our ZOOM meetings with students and parents:

PREPARATION / USING ZOOM - Please feel free to visit your "virtual class" link early in order to learn how the software works and how to set your own equipment (phone, tab, ipad, or laptop, etc).  Download the necessary app and take some time in order to figure out how you want to angle and mount your equipment in advance, so you can be ready and confident when the class starts.  Your device should be placed on the floor tilted upwards appropriately 4 feet away from you so that we can see your entire body. You should try to be in a room with limited noise. 

CLASS SCHEDULE - Updated schedules with ZOOM class codes are distributed via email, if you are not receiving our emails, please check your spam filters or CONTACT US immediately (include your child's name in the message)

CLASS SELECTION - Temporarily, some of our usual classes may not appear in this week's virtual class schedule.  If that's the case with your usual class, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO TAKE ANY AND ALL CLASSES WITHIN YOUR AGE GROUP.  We are working on a full schedule which will be more in-line with our in-studio schedule.  We will email schedule updates as they become available. 

SPACE - Please make sure that you have about 4-5 feet of space in your home for you to be able to comfortably move around during our Virtual VSPAC classes! We have carefully adjusted our curriculum to fit these new circumstances. 

EQUIPMENT - If you have a small, portable ballet barre, that's great, however, a sturdy chair or countertop will work as well!  For those who asked, although not absolutely necessary, a portable barre and a modular dance floor will definitely enhance your class experience.  Here are some suggestions via Amazon: 





DRESS CODE - Please dress accordingly and remember that your video will be visible to the rest of the class.  If you are taking a pointe class, please make sure you have your pointe shoes on BEFORE class. 


TIME - All classes start promptly. If you are joining a few minutes late, please be respectful of your classmates and join in as quietly as possible. 

COSTUMES - Costume pick up will be arranged as soon as possible. We are ensuring the safety of all of our students and parents and will be setting up a schedule for costume pick up, so please keep an eye on your email for further communication. 

COMPETITIONS - We are in very close contact with ShowStoppers and will relay all information as soon as possible. 

PAYMENTS  - Please be advised that VSPAC is now accepting payments through ZELLE, Paypal and checks - please see the instructions below:

 - ZELLE Instructions

Zelle is an easy way to send money directly between almost any U.S. bank accounts (note: you can't use Zelle with credit cards - please use Paypal instead). Zelle has been implemented by all major banks (Bank of America, Capital One, Chase, Citi, FirstBank, Morgan Stanley, PNC, TD Bank, Wells Fargo and countless others) and can be found in your current bank’s app or on your account website - all you have to do to use it is to activate it within your existing app, which, depending on a bank, usually takes one click.

IMPORTANT: in most cases, if your bank already partners with Zelle, you must use your bank's app or website to send (and receive) payments.  If your bank doesn't offer Zelle, a free ZELLE app will allow you to send payments directly.  Here is a list of banks and credit unions along with simple instructions:

To send a payment with Zelle, please use Vicky's cell phone number as the recipient: 917-860-4025 (please double check if you entered it correctly to avoid the possibility of sending your payments to the wrong recipient!).  Depending on the bank, you should receive a confirmation that the phone number is associated with Vicky Simegiatos.  Remember to include your child's first and last name, so that we can appropriately credit your account once we receive your payments.

 - PAYPAL Instructions:

Paypal is the most popular way to send your payments using credit cards.  Simply follow this link: PayPal.Me/despinavspac - and remember to include your child's first and last name in the "Add a note" option, so that we can appropriately credit your account once we receive your payments.


Please mail checks payable to Vicky Simegiatos PAC to:


264 81st Street

Brooklyn, NY 11209



Payment for March and prior balances: Information will be provided via email.  If you are not receiving our emails, please check your spam filters or CONTACT US immediately (include your child's name in the message)

We assure you that our VSPAC family will always be working for the best interest of your children and we thank you for your patience as we navigate this uncharted territory.

We remind everyone to follow the CDC guidelines:

- Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.

- Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue away

- Wash your hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds

- Stay hydrated

We are sending our love to everyone during this crazy time and hope all stay safe and healthy throughout the process of containing and addressing this situation.    

As there are developments hour to hour and day to day, please look for emails from us as things change. 

As always, thank you for your understanding.  Stay healty and safe!

Thank you all! 

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