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Voytek Sporek founded the Music Department at VSPAC in 1996.  Under his direction, it has quickly become one of the most successful music studios in Brooklyn.


Born in Poland, into a family of teachers and musicians, Voytek began his training at the age of 5 at the prestigious Secondary and Tertiary State School of Music in Rybnik.  Primarily a piano and music theory student, he also studied voice, flute and double bass under the direction of such eminent masters, as professors Freud, Krol, Nardelli, Mielimaka, and Koch just to name a few.  At the age of 18, he earned a spot at the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music at the University of Silesia.  In addition, he extensively toured Western Europe as a bassist with the then third largest folk ensemble in Poland, "Gornicy".


Upon his arrival in New York, Voytek studied business and psychology at Baruch College.  He also became very actively involved with the Brooklyn Polish National Home's music scene, where he played piano and drums with a number of jazz and rock ensembles with which he toured across the tri-state area.  He was also invited to perform with the Polish American Folk Dance Company at the anniversary gala at Lincoln Center.

In his career as a music director and piano instructor at VSPAC, Voytek has taught over a thousand of children and adults.  Year after year, many of his students become soloists and orchestra members in such prestigious schools as Mark Twain IS 239, Poly Prep Country Day School, Xaverian High School, and LaGuardia High School for the Performing Arts. 

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